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Tencent’s smart solutions for Thai manufacturing entrepreneurs


Adaptability is crucial in today’s business world which moves breathtakingly fast, and tech giant Tencent (Thailand) Co., Ltd., a leading provider of entertainment platforms and world-class technology solutions is dialling it up a notch.

In its latest move, it is giving keen entrepreneurs the opportunity to navigate their business operations through the digital Industry 4.0 era under the ‘Smart Manufacturing’ concept. The concept utilises Tencent Cloud’s smart technologies and solutions, as well as artificial intelligence (AI) to facilitate and increase production efficiency.

In recent years, the use of automated robots to assist production lines, as well as data processing and storage on cloud computing systems, have rapidly become keys to success. For Thai entrepreneurs to fully realise their potential for growth, Mr. Chang Foo, Chief Operating Officer of Tencent (Thailand), remarked that, “the intelligent manufacturing system is an important cog to drive an effective transformation,” and therefore, “the application of technology in business operations is inevitably essential.”

“It is possible to integrate cloud operating systems, big data analytics, AI, security, and other cutting-edge technologies in response to any context of the business, so it can operate fully intelligently. With Tencent smart cloud solutions, businesses can increase their production capacity to meet changing market demands successfully. Furthermore, they can elevate their business operations and production systems, thereby increasing their competitiveness in the global market.”

As a provider of secure, stable, and scalable cloud computing services that can be customised to the customer’s requirements, Tencent has a proven record of continuous success in providing solutions that meet discerning needs of global companies. Exemplary among its customers is Foxconn Industrial Internet Co., Ltd. (FII), a subsidiary of the world’s largest contract manufacturer and a leading professional design and manufacturing service provider.

Today, FII deploys various components and applications of its internet platform product BEACON on Tencent Cloud, making seamless access between multiple locations a reality. 

It all began in 2018, when Tencent integrated an innovative end-to-end cloud-based solution by combining operations technology and information technology to create Foxconn Industrial Cloud Platform (FII Cloud), which enables FII to build, deploy and operate its industrial internet through Tencent Internet ecosystem. 

Through Tencent’s smart manufacturing and industrial internet, FII’s combination of brilliant machines, big data, and people, enabling person-to-person, person-to- machine, and machine-to-machine communication, has been made possible. This allows the company to run fully automated production lines and factories, including several “lights-off” factories entirely operated by robots. FII is thus able to reduce operation costs, improve manufacturing quality, reduce energy use, and increase data and production safety, among other notable benefits.

Reflecting on the company’s achievements, Mr. Chang Foo underscored that, “The manufacturing industry is a crucial sector in Thailand’s overall economy.” He added that, “The application of cloud technology and artificial intelligence will frame the main gateway to achieving the new industry standards that are essential to success.”

With its Thai-based service support team and in-country data centre for fast and secure data handling, Tencent is ready to provide services and consultancy for Thai customers to meet the demands of domestic users, and thereby reduce the Covid-19-caused economic suffering.  

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