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Take Metaverse Sport To The Great Limits With Crusty Demons

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BlockTrust, a world leader in web3, blockchain, and token utility, announced its collaboration with the pioneers of extreme sports Crusty Demon. The partnership covers the launch of a series of collectible NFTs, underpinned by an innovative blockchain-powered loyalty program across Crusty’s diversified assets in extreme sports.

BlockTrust Signs Historic Deal with Crusty Demon to Bring Extreme Sports to the Metaverse.
BlockTrust Signs Historic Deal with Crusty Demon to Bring Extreme Sports to the Metaverse.

BlockTrust is paving the way for mass adoption of NFTs for loyalty programs. Its simplified user experiences bring web3 to audiences that struggle to navigate the complex world of wallets, NFTs and blockchain, allowing fans and customers to buy and trade digital collectibles with real-life benefits using traditional e-commerce checkout experiences.

Crusty Demons has been at the forefront of the wildest world record stunts and motocross performances for over three decades. Their move into web3 will allow fans a unique opportunity to own pieces of extreme sports history and inside stories never heard before. Crusty’s web3 strategy aims to drive value and long-term utility for fans, with a roadmap including the ability to collect, race-to-earn, trade virtual Crusty and riders’ equipment, and unlock real-life benefits, including VIP events and experiences.

“We see this as Crusty’s future loyalty program,” says Crusty’s CEO, Jon Freeman. “One that’s built on blockchain, rewarding fans as they collect, trade, play, and engage with Crusty, and that’s linked to real-life experiences to bring our fans even closer to the action.”

As part of Crusty Demon’s web3 offering, fans will have access to a dedicated app that acts as the entry point to their personal web3 world. Much like a traditional wallet, this platform will allow fans to showcase and trade their NFTs. However, it will also include a strong social component, allowing them to connect with each other to collect, trade and play, and engage with the brand to receive exclusive digital and real-life benefits.

“NFTs and blockchain provide brands a once in a lifetime opportunity to engage with their customers in a truly personal and engaging way, recognizing and rewarding their lifelong commitment to their brand like never before,” says BlockTrust co-founder Mike Alexander.

Tobias Bauer, Principal at Blockchain Founders Fund, shares, “This new deal will open tremendous opportunity for both BlockTrust and Crusty Demon in bridging extreme sports, NFTs and fans. The partnership brings utility and engagement for the extreme sports community.”

Pre-registration opportunity for the Crusty drops will be communicated soon to Crusty’s fans.About BlockTrust

BlockTrust was established in 2020 by blockchain expert Michael Alexander and IT entrepreneur Michael Haywood. Alexander is the former CEO of EOS Venture Capital, a leading blockchain investor, and CEO of Jefferies Bank in the Asia Pacific. Dr. Haywood has developed technology platforms for various industries and is also a Founder of the globally awarded LiveHire talent acquisition platform.

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