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Survey Suggests 4% of US Workers Quit Their Jobs in the Past Year After Successfully Investing in Crypto Markets


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“Consumer intelligence provider Civic Science’s revealing new research says some of the US investors who have made it big with cryptocurrencies”— Paul Ebeling

On 1 November, Civic Science posted research containing a series of surveys targeting crypto investors. Data was collected between 27 April and 1 November of this year.

According to the research, 4% of those surveyed said they quit their jobs after gaining financial freedom from crypto investing. Another 7% said they know someone who left their jobs thanks to crypto.

When measured by income, statistics show how those in the lowest income bracket make up a large portion of those quitting their jobs as a result of their crypto investments.

Civic Science suggests that while crypto has helped bring financial freedom to some, wealthier investors tend to use crypto as another form of asset diversification.

Despite the success some investors have had in the cryptocurrency markets, Civic Science also found that not all participants are profitable.

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