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Sub-Sahara Africa Avoiding COVID

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Scientists appear stymied by the low number of infections and deaths in sub-Sahara Africa where the vaccination rate is less than 6%

Africa has 17.46% of the world’s population and 3% of the COVID-19 global death toll while countries with better healthcare have higher death rates, including the Americas with 46% and Europe with 29%

Nigeria, with the highest population, has had 3,000 deaths in 200-M people, which is what is recorded in the US every 2 or 3 days. Yet, Nigeria has announced an all-out vaccination program to “prepare for the next wave

Factors that may have influenced the low infection and death rate are outdoor living that raises vitamin D levels, a younger population and access to medications and herbs used for other local conditions, but which are also known to reduce the severity of COVID.

“COVID-19 is gone, when did you last hear of anyone who has died of COVID-19? The mask is to protect my pocket. The police demand bribes so I lose money if I don’t move around with a mask.”— said Nyasha Ndou, who carries a mask in his pocket.

So, as African countries which have had lower rates of infection and deaths since the start of the VirusCasedemic vaccinate more and more of their population, 1 cannot help but wonder: Once vaccination programs are underway, will the death rates climb as they have in other areas of the world where vaccination levels are high?

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