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Stablecoins, the Future of Money


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“The rise of Bitcoin, stablecoins and DeFi, the last several yrs have been an amazing time for those of us who write about money“– Paul Ebeling

Many of the innovations seen since Bitcoin debuted in Y 2008 will endure, some of them will fall over..

DeFi tools will become compliant with anti-money laundering/know your customer rules, Securities and Exchange Commission-registered or licensed with the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency. But, true DeFi avoids regulations and does what it wants.

El Salvdor’s adoption of Bitcoin was a watershed moment. 1st El Salvador, then the rest of Central America, next South America and then the United States. By Y 2030, the world will be bitcoinized.

Generation X will not know how to use cash in Y 2031.

Over the next few yrs the stablecoin industry will experience many rounds of failure, growth and mergers, eventually leaving us with a few big stablecoins.

The vision: As it will be confusing for the public to deal with several different stablecoins, issuers will tie-up to build an interoperable stablecoin standard. Each of them will accept the other’s stablecoin at a 1:1 ratio, effectively fusing them into a single universal stablecoin.

This alliance having been formed, stablecoins will leave the closed-loop speculative universe of DeFi and crypto exchanges and enter the real world to attack the card networks.

Their 1st big win will be to negotiate with Amazon to add a “stablecoins accepted here” payments option. Because stablecoins will be cheaper for Amazon to process than cards, the stablecoin alliance will be able to convince Amazon to offer a 1% on all stablecoin purchases. And so it will go!

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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