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SocialFi and GameFi project FUGU announces that its FUGU NFT will be on sale

FUGU, a unique integration of SocialFi and GameFi, announced that its FUGU NFT will launch on Gate.io on 3rd March. With a vision to create a Social-to-Earn mode which helps all the users make the earnings by their social activity, FUGU created a place where users can make smart investment choices in the Crypto world.

FUGU NFT has four rarities, silver, gold, diamond and ruby, and FUGU NFT holders will enjoy benefits accordingly.

GameFi and its P2E (Play-to-Earn) model, the latest developments in the blockchain industry, and FUGU team combines GameFi with social platforms to provide a one-stop platform for Crypto Guild. As the FUGU team investigated giant NFT platforms like OpenSea and others, they found that the NFT products including GameFi products were not well rated and verified. Users are confused when they want to purchase the NFTs or GameFi which fits their criteria. Some of the users who invested in NFT are expecting revenue from speculation perspective, some of them are more in favor of the intrinsic value of the GameFi. But on most platforms, users cannot distinguish which one is an art masterpiece, or which one is for investment. To solve these problems, FUGU team aims to make a NFT and GameFi social network platform for users to make better NFT investment choices.

For contributors on the FUGU platform, the users can create articles, show their research and knowledge about NFT and GameFi and can get rewarded with FUGU tokens. For example, if a user publishes an NFT market article to share his/her findings, he/she will be rewarded with Tokens. Gamers and investors on the platform can also earn the token rewards by reading, sharing and liking contributors’ articles.

What makes FUGU stand out is that first, FUGU provides a platform for both gamers and non-gamers for socializing. Second, FUGU is a Cross-chain Project.

The importance of the Cross-chain project lies in the fact that interconnecting these new chains is becoming a necessity as more people continue to take note of the emerging technology and its capabilities.

A community of creators, commentators and crypto fans will be gathered at FUGU Club, a decentralized autonomy organization in which users could use their FGC to vote for a management person for each blockchain-game community. In FUGU Club, all users can realize their own value and be rewarded accordingly. FUGU platform has a marketplace and a community, and FUGU Token and NFT can be used as a pass to enter the platform.

Using FUGU token, or in short FGC, users can pay interest fee, swap transaction fee in marketplace. Users can earn FGC token by staking their Game-Fi, sharing, liking, commenting contributors’ articles, tipping your favorite authors, voting, and paying all the fees occurring in the platform including interest fee, and transaction fee.

In terms of FUGU protocol, their overall liquidity aggregation can be divided into the following three steps: First, GameFi FUGU metadata; Second, Liquidity aggregation; Third, Order book.

FUGU: https://fugu.club/

What FUGU is creating is a Social-to-Earn mode which helps all the users to make the earnings by their social activity. FUGU is a creative project with great potential by bringing people to share the same passion in the crypto world together.

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