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Sitting on a Cash Pile 13.0? Place an Early Bet on this Esports Player

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Esports Entertainment Group Inc. (NASDAQ:GMBL) saw a Key reversal in its pattern Monday, 26 April at 11.81. Thus, garnering an early call LTN Cash Pile Buy rating with a 1 yr price target at 25/share if you can manage the risk.

The stock closed Tuesday in NY at 12.90 within its 52-wk trading range of 3.08 – 24.48. The Street consensus analyst target is at 22.50.

The stock is very oversold and our stochastic indicator has turned Very Bullish in here. The Key support is 12.45 and the Key resistance is at 14.46.

Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. operates as an online gambling company in Canada.

The company offers Esports entertainment, Esports wagering, and iGaming and traditional sports betting services, as well as professional and amateur Esports events.

It also operates vie.gg, an online Esports wagering website.

The company was formerly known as VGambling, Inc. and changed its name to Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. in May 2017.

Esports Entertainment Group, Inc. was incorporated in Y 2008 and is HQ’d in Birkirkara, Malta.

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