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Rome De Bellegarde Ultra Premium Cognac Masters


Less than three years after establishing themselves into the luxury liquor industry Rome De Bellegarde have secured their first award. Topping 17 houses and around 40 prestige cognac entries the Spirit Business have honored them with gold place in the Ultra Premium Cognac Masters. Their success has been built around a strong brand ethos of “nourish the good and extinguish the bad” which has been demonstrated with their distinct delivery of luxury.

On May 1st 2021 Rome De Bellegarde announced their win with the Spirits Business, who is the only international spirits magazine and website in the world. The Spirits Business who launched in 2008 declared their spirit list for 2021 to be more varied and potent than ever. The global spirits masters host 18 separate competitions and employ specialist judges for each category who complete the tasting blind to ensure fairness. Their annual competition has been recognised by all in the Liquor industry as a global platform to celebrate and showcase new and renowned brands.

The Executive Director David Bellegarde-Smeralda had some words about the victory, “During our launch in 2018 we generated 300 millions impressions 10 days after our very first article went live and we knew we had something very special at hand. Even so, to win a gold medal for our X.O. Cognac from the Spirit Business- the most trusted and only international spirits magazine and website in the world is an honor I was not expecting during our third year of business. It is humbling recognition of our hard work and another great encouragement to our vision of becoming one of the most acclaimed and inspirational luxury brands within our respective industry- led by the new generation.”

Rome De Bellegarde known as the ‘most expensive cognac in the world’ has a history that dates back to 1725 in the French province of Grande Champagne. Their ethos continues to be strengthened by their deep love for family, culture and prestige. Their XO cognac is said to balance intense aromas in a complex and elegant way.

This award is a testament to the Rome De Bellegarde family but especially Dimitri Nalin, the global brand director at Rome De Bellegarde and an award winning sommelier. Who says

“It is with great honour and a huge pride for our family and I to see Rome de Bellegarde Cognac being awarded the prestigious gold medal out of 40 entries for the ultra premium cognac category organised by the Spirit Business & Spirit Masters.”

Although this victory came swiftly to Rome De Bellegarde, it can be assured that they are just getting started.

“This great award will enable Rome de Bellegarde to gain the exposure that it deserves among the trade globally and it motivates all of us to keep focus on reviving the great legacy passed on by our ancestors.” – Dimitri Nalin

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