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Rihanna Music Royalties Offered As NFT

Thanks to music producer Deputy and Web3 music startupĀ anotherblock, the song Bitch Better Have My Money has sold part of the royalties as an NFT. This means that anyone holding the NFT will receive partial royalty profits on this song. This will now allow all artists and rights owners to sell part of the royalties they are receiving as NFTs.


300 royalty-linked NFTs were available at $210 a piece Feb 9. Each owner will receive “a portion of 0.0033 % of the streaming royalties” for the song.

Based on streaming revenue, payouts are made every 6 months. The next payout to be Feb 15.

Unfortunately all of these NFTs are sold out now.

Rihanna will have her Super Bowl LVII performance on Sunday.

Stay up to date for the next royalty NFT releases.

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