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Rich Millennials Have 25% of Their Wealth in Bitcoin

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According to a survey conducted by Gemini Exchange owned by the Winklevoss twin, just 14% of Americans had purchased digital assets. And 67% of the respondents classified themselves as ”crypto curious” while 23% went into the “disinterested” column.

But, the #1 crypto leads the pack of most invested crypto coin. BTC remained the most popular cryptocurrency as nearly all questioned people (95%) answered that they are familiar with it. And 87% of those who have invested said that BTC is what they own.

Americans showed good knowledge of altcoins too, as 36% have put some of their wealth in ether (ETH), 22% in Bitcoin Cash (BCH), and 16% in Litecoin (LTC).

Gemini noted that most rich millennial crypto investors are young people between 25 and 44.

However, older investors who are millionaires are not fond of digital assets as 83% of them do not believe in the crypto market and have none of their wealth in it. The real data among the old rich people shows that only 1 in 10 keeps more than 10% of their funds in cryptocurrencies.

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