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RECUR Opened Nickelodeon NFT, First Set To Drop This July


Nickelodeon is the Next Brand to Launch as Part of the Overall Partnership with Paramount Global, To Deliver the first piece of greatest classics such as “Hey Arnold! and Rugrats”

RECUR, is bringing some of Nickelodeon’s most iconic 90’s programming into the metaverse. This exciting new collaboration begins with an initial drop of official Nickelodeon digital collectibles from two of Nick’s most beloved shows of all time – Rugrats and Hey Arnold! NFT enthusiasts and newcomers alike can own a piece of Nickelodeon history by collecting the most iconic moments and characters from these series as NFTs.

RECUR Brings Nickelodeon’s Classic 90’s Characters from Rugrats and Hey Arnold! to the Metaverse with NFT Drop on July 19

The collaboration begins with the launch of 10,000 Nickelodeon NFT packs through Nickelodeon.xyz — a Paramount-branded NFT marketplace Powered by RECUR — for $50 each on July 19, 2022. Each pack contains a unique 1/1 Profile Picture (PFP). Each PFP is a unique take on one of twelve characters from Rugrats and Hey Arnold! The six characters included from each of these series reflect some of the most memorable moments for Nick fans around the globe. The Nickelodeon NFT experience, starting with Rugrats and Hey Arnold!, will feature surprise elements, unexpected characters, and of course…slime. 

“Building this exciting, retro Nickelodeon experience transported me back to some of the best childhood memories like sitting on the couch, enjoying Nick cartoons after school with friends. The Nick Web3 experience will bring fans back to those incredible and nostalgic moments” said Zach Bruch, RECUR CEO, regarding the partnership. “I am thrilled that the RECUR platform will bring these iconic characters into the metaverse.”

Fans are invited to continue the nostalgia road through a Twitter account dedicated to Nickelodeon NFTs and RECUR Discord, called The Splat Factory. The Splat Factory where you can obtain the latest news, participate in events, and engage with other Nickelodeon fans.

“We are excited to share new versions of fan favorites and allow for Nick fans worldwide to collect and enjoy 1/1 collectibles from their favorite childhood moments,” said Doug Rosen, Senior Vice President, Games and Emerging Media, Paramount Global. “We are thrilled to work with RECUR to engage with Nick fans who have loved these characters for a long time and can now engage with them in a whole new way.”

For more details on this partnership and upcoming launches at RECUR, please visit info.nickelodeon.xyz and follow https://twitter.com/nickelodeon_nft.

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