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REBL: An Animation Platform by the People: Join the Kickstarter


Rebl is a groundbreaking video watching platform that enables artists from all over the world to collaborate and create works that inspire, entertain and educate. It allows creative people to thrive without interference from ads, robotic algorithms or corporations. For you, this means more meaningful, diverse and exciting content that you can engage with on a much deeper level.

On Rebl Cinema you can watch, discuss, rate and share an unlimited stream of videos from a diverse range of genres, cultures and languages. You can help decide which videos get produced, interact with creators and even join productions yourself.


Lots of creators have already signed up. They’re authors, producers, teachers, NGOs and book publishers with millions of followers on Wattpad, Webtoons, Medium and Youtube and that produced series on Netflix and in Hollywood!

With your support they can create videos that inspire, entertain and educate people all over the world.


On Rebl you’ll see exciting and edgy content that gets suppressed on other platforms  and niche content that can be much more unique and interesting than generic big studio productions. 

Large Scale Productions

Creators from anywhere can collaborate on Rebl to produce big and ambitious projects. 


Rebl translation feature allows us to publish diverse stories from all over the world. We already have creators signed up in 12 different languages. Get ready for content that’s very different from what you’re used to!


Comics are one of the most exciting ways to express an artist’s ideas. Animation takes it to the next level and makes them accessible to more people. 

 True Stories 

Other platforms burry meaningful discussions on social issues, because their algorithms only promote the most sensational content. Good personal stories have a liberating impact on people and are very important for a healthy society. We have a library of over 40,000 true stories submitted anonymously from people all around the world talking about love, race, gender, crime and many other important issues. 

Short stories

Short stories is one of the most powerful story formats because it allows creators to explore ideas without having to commit to an entire movie or series. Rebl gives creators the chance to explore their craziest ideas by collaborating with other creators and bring ideas to live that you’d never see anywhere else.


Rebl creator studio allows teachers to collaborate with animators to produce engaging educational content. We’ve got Sprouts signed up who are making videos on learning and interesting educational topics.

Social Change

One of the greatest barriers to social change is a lack of awareness and education on important causes. Rebl allows NGOs and other organisations to collaborate with animators to produce effective content on important social issues. We believe that powerful inspirational videos can have a huge impact on people’s lives. We’re already working with NGOs like the International Justice Mission to fight human trafficking and the Pancreatic Cancer foundation. Your contribution will help creators and NGOs raise awareness and educate people on many important topics.


There’s an enormous amount of knowledge hidden in books all around the world. Our groundbreaking technology allows creators to animate these hidden gems with much less effort, bringing you fantastic content that would otherwise be lost to the void.

Why your pledge matters

By launching one of the first subscription services for independent creators we’re paving the way for a completely new form of content. Content that’s not controlled by big companies. A place where independent creators have the freedom to talk about any kind of topic and viewers are in control of what they see.

But subscription services only start to work at scale. That’s why our first backers are extremely important and why we’re going to make it worth your while. 

The first backers who make this platform happen are the only ones to get a lifetime subscription. You’ll also get a unique founder’s badge to show that you’ve made this platform happen and an entry in our book of founders. There’s many other special perks if you choose to support us with one of the higher packages. So please check them out and we’ll be forever grateful for you support.

The Team

The team is an international mix of passionate developers, animators, creators and artists. We’ve been developing online animation software for 8 years and we’ve made videos with over 1.5 billion views. This experience taught us how flawed the content industry is and why we need to do something about it. 

Fake news is rampant, important discussions are getting suppressed, creators are being mistreated and the viewers get fed whatever content makes these platforms the most money. 

Rebl is the culmination of everything we’ve learned during this time. Our studio empowers creators to make better content through collaboration. Rebl cinema gives viewers the power to control their own content and non of it is powered by ads. Instead of computer algorithms suggesting you the same divisive content over and over, we give users the ability to become valued human curators who can earn on the platform just like the creators who make content.

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