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Rallies Coming for Bitcoin and Ethereum

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“No matter how hard it feels right now, make it your goal and give it your best shot and buy”–Paul Ebeling

Analyst Michaël van de Poppe tells his 615,500 Twitter followers that he’s bullish on BTC, ETH and FTM as he expects the 3 crypto assets to surge in the next 2 months after a rocky 1-H in Y 2022.

“Expecting to see Bitcoin at $28,000, Ethereum at $1,500 or more [and] FTM at $0.45-0.55 within the next four to eight weeks. Summer relief time.”

Looking at Bitcoin, Mr. Van de Poppe says he sees the king crypto possibly retesting support at $20,500 before taking out resistance at $22,000 and rallying to his target of $28,000.

“A potential scenario on Bitcoin (doesn’t have to play out obviously). Looking at $21,900 resistance, looking at support at $21,100 and $20,500. Lower boundaries, I’m heavily looking at swing longs towards $28,000.”

As for Ethereum, the crypto strategist believes the leading smart contract platform is biding its time for a rally to his target at $1,500.

“Good first step for ETH. Matter of time before we start continuing the run towards the $1,500 area (as there are big gaps in between).

Right now, still slow grind, but slowly shorts getting stopped out.”

Next up is Ethereum challenger FTM, which Van de Poppe says is due for a slight pullback before continuing its bounce.

“Looking for FTM to test around $0.265 and that would trigger continuation towards $0.32 and most likely $0.45-$0.55 in the coming weeks.”

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