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R Three Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: RRRT), Michael Mota and VirtualCons in Huge Deal

RRRT and VCON could explode very soon.

R Three Technologies Inc. (OTCMKTS: RRRT) (R3T) has announced its first LOI with the first of several strategic acquisitions in plans to acquire VirtualCons, LLC with their current CEO, Michael A Mota, planned to become President of R3T’s Entertainment Division.

“Today we announce the plans to acquire VirtualCons, LLC. This is one of many
acquisitions we are making over the next few months at R3T. I have had the privilege to
work with Michael Mota, CEO of VirtualCons, for several years,” said William Benson,
CEO of R3T. “He set a vision in place for VirtualCons and it has come true in less than 2
years. His background in the marketing world, alongside his experience in the
entertainment and technology space, is going to assist R3T in becoming the leader in the
industry. I am delighted to also announce today that we have plans to name Mr. Mota
President of R3T’s Entertainment Division. Together, we will assemble a world class
executive team that will change the way people view entertainment with cutting edge

VirtualCons, LLC., a Florida Based Company with tagline, For the Fans…By the Fans, is planned to be acquired by R3T Technologies of Beverly Hills, California. Their Cutting–Edge conventions provide a fan experience like no other, connecting fans with celebrities through Meet & Greets, Autographs and One-On-One discussions. VirtualCons, available now in the Apple and Android stores, is designed and developed to encourage community connection both digitally and on the ground. The online platform is designed for live & virtual events, while delivering a powerful social platform, giving users everything they want in one single app. It also allows for users to login and experience a streaming platform with exclusive content that can be viewed on any mobile device, desktop computer and smart TV, no matter where you are in the globe.

Michael Mota, formerly Vice President of Marketing at Alex & Ani and Seven Swords Media, helped lead both companies onto Inc. magazine’s “500 Fastest Growing Companies” and “Fastest Growing Companies in Rhode Island” lists. In two years, Seven Swords’ annual sales rose from $500 thousand to over $22 million. Alex and Ani grew from a small, regional company with $2 million in sales into a global lifestyle brand with annual revenues in excess of $250 million and an evaluation of $1 billion.

“Today is a great day and I want to thank William Benson for having the vision to plan to
acquire VirtualCons and for planning to bring me on as President of R3T’s Entertainment
Division. With this strategic acquisition, we will be positioned to be a world leader in the
entertainment and technology space,” said Michael Mota. “It has been an amazing few
years building the technology and partnering with icons like Ice-T and Armand Assante, to just name a few. Hundreds of thousands of fans have had the opportunity to meet the
cast of the Sopranos, Boxing legends, artists, musicians and celebrities using an app that
connects people from different parts of the globe. All of this was created during a global
pandemic. With this planned acquisition, we will have the resources needed to launch
Phase 2 of our app. This will allow us to refine our cutting-edge technology, provide more
unique opportunities for fan experiences, and produce events that will be showcased on
our newest streaming platform.”

With this planned acquisition, R3T instantly becomes a leader in the Virtual World. Having just announced William Benson, the planned announcement of Michael Mota becoming President of the Entertainment Division showcases the company’s acceleration of building a global company. This planned initial acquisition is one of many that will be announced over the next few months, which now showcases to shareholders that the momentum is building and the strategy is being executed.

About VirtualCons, LLC.
VirtualCons is a global media, entertainment and technology company connecting fans with celebrities and facilitating community connection through live events, both digitally and on the ground. The online platform specializes in hosting live-stream events and performances while providing a space for both exclusive interactions and premium content, giving users everything they want in one single place. They deliver memorable events in every niche through meaningful experiences that our audience remembers for the rest of their lives. Welcome to VirtualCons.

    About R-Three Technologies Inc.

R Three Technologies (R3T) (OTCMKTS: RRRT) is the home of cultural innovation. Businesslines include technology, consumer beverage and food products, entertainment and lifestyle brands.

For more information, please contact William Benson, CEO & Director of R3T
email: [email protected] | website: www.r3tgroup.com

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