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Private Luxury River Cruises are an Incomparable Travel Experience

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River cruising is 1 of the most romantic ways to see a city. Traveling down the world’s most iconic rivers; the Danube, the Seine, the Nile or sailing on lesser-known rivers that cut through the idyllic European countryside is an incomparable travel experience. 

Uniworld just raised the luxury appeal of river cruising in Europe by offering private cruises on every one of their ships.

Their vessels cruise Europe, Asia, Egypt, Peru, India, and Russia, and with their private cruising option, the itineraries, which run from 8 to 25 days are entirely customizable.

As for your buyout options, the hottest ticket is Uniworld’s newest vessel: S.S. La Venezia (pictured above) that debuts this yr to cruise Northern Italy.

Private sail rates start at $333,900 for the entire S.S. La Venezia, which if you bring the maximum number of guests (126), factors out to $2,650 per person. 

The S.S. São Gabriel is also new this yr and will explore Portugal on the Douro River with 100 guests. Beyond the ready-to-debut vessels, private cruisers still have their pick of the S.S. Bon Voyage, cruising French wine country, S.S. Maria Theresa sailing the Danube River in Austria, and the S.S. Sphinx sailing the Nile in Egypt.

Enjoy your travels as the world opens up, Keep the Faith!

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