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Presidential Election Challenges to be Heard by the US Supreme Court


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It is not over yet, as the US Supreme Court considers hearing arguments in multiple Trump election related challenges” — Paul Ebeling

The US Supreme Court has affirmed that it will hear arguments later this month to determine whether it will take up the many high-profile Presidential election-related complaints that are pending.

Given the Mr. Biden was inaugurated last month Democrats assumed that they would hear another peep about the widespread allegations of fraud during the 3 November election.

Challenges have been raised and cases filed by attorneys Sidney Powell and Lin Wood after the Presidential election. And US Representative Mike Kelly (R-PA) is included in the challenging litigation,

According to a case listing published by the court Friday in advance of its 19 February conference where it will pick which ones it will consider directly, there are at least 5 election fraud related challenges that will be docketed.

All of those 5 cases allege some form of unlawful election-related conduct affecting the result of the Presidential election.

The suits are focused on issues including mail-in ballots, access to poll watchers, security measures, and counts recorded by voting machines.

President Trump’s legal challenges include election certifications in Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. Mr. Kelly is challenging election law changes made in his state without the approval of the legislature.

The Supreme Court could also take up a challenge to the results in Michigan and Georgia, as filed by Ms. Powell and Mr. Wood, respectively.

Previously the Supreme Court has previously rejected requests for expedited hearings on multiple cases prior to Inauguration Day, leading some MSM legal analysts to assert that the cases were moot. Apparently, they refused to acknowledge that the entire Trump election fraud matter had be docketed for review on 22 January.

The Supreme Court will hear the case/s in order to settle long-term issues that will arise in future elections as well as determine if Mr. Biden and many others are legitimate office holders as a result of the wide spread deception.

President Trump’s attorney, John Eastman, said that the “legal issue” at the heart of the President’s Pennsylvania case “remains important and in need of the court’s review” regardless of Mr. Biden’s inauguration.

Once the Supreme Court decides which case/s to hear, the arguments will be scheduled. Stay tuned…

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