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PlayOne NFT Player™ building a Web3 ecosystem for artists, creators, musicians, collectors and fans

PlayOne NFT Player

“Web3 is all about a community driven way of doing things – it’s up to us to help artists, musicians, creators and entertainers make this transition into Web3 effectively. Our goal is to bring back the power to creators and their supporters, while also teaching them and helping them build their own NFT fueled communities within the PlayOne™ ecosystem,” says Volen Tsolov, COO of GLOZAL.

The PlayOne NFT Player™ will be available as a free download app – first to the OG NFT collection holders, and then to the public – enabling artists and fans alike to enjoy and share their NFT collections on the go.

PlayOne™ enables artists to earn a majority of the revenue from their content as NFTs. In addition to the traditional initial NFT sale and re-sale royalty model, PlayOne artists will have multiple revenue streams, as will fans and collectors, derived from the gamification and tokenomics built into the PlayOne platform.

“Our PlayOne NFT Player™ and NFT platform will be running on the Polygon network, reducing transactional fees and leveraging Polygon’s scalability, security features, and eco-friendly Proof-of-Stake minting process,” says Tarek Kirschen, CEO & Founder, GLOZAL.

By owning one of the genesis PlayOne OG NFTs, available 1/22/2022, artists and fans alike can become the early community members of PlayOne, who will have the long-lasting rights and privileges within the larger PlayOne ecosystem, and eventually leading to the formation of a DAO for the PlayOne community.

You can find all of the details and the entire PlayOne storyline and roadmap at: playonenft.com

About GLOZAL — Founded in 2021, GLOZAL Inc. is a Miami based music technology company developing the PlayOne NFT Player™ and PlayOne NFT platform. Learn more at: playonenft.com; www.Glozal.com or how to invest here https://invest.glozal.com/signin.

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