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Outerworld Tourism: Space Perspective Unveils World’s 1st Space Lounge


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Pioneering tourism company offers the quintessential astronaut experience in this new era of luxury travel experiences“–Paul Ebeling

Space tourism company Space Perspective revealed the customisable interiors of the world’s 1st Zero-emission spaceship. Priced at $125,000 per person, the ‘Space Lounge’ in Spaceship Neptune offers an unparalleled six-hour trip with 360-degree panoramic views of Earth from 30 kilometers above.

Holding up to 8 guests per trip, the futuristic floating capsule includes reclining seats, a bar, a bathroom with huge windows, in-flight WiFi, as well as a telescope and interactive screens. The interiors are designed with sustainable materials throughout. To remind guests of “the interconnected nature of our planet”, there will be plants and herbs like lavender, basil and rosemary. These ingredients are used in food and drink prep.

Thanks to space travel experts and founders Jane Poynter and Taber Maccallum, Space Neptune uses flight technology extensively tested by NASA. The capsule will launch from Kennedy Space Center with a hydrogen-filled balloon the length of a football stadium. It will then climb at a cruise speed of 12 mph to the edge of the stratosphere before gently descending off the coast of Florida.

Space Perspective is also the first space tourism company to accept crypto as payment. Commercial flights are targeted to start in late Y 2024, with 600 tickets sold to date. The company is currently accepting reservations for Y 2025 and beyond.

Acquire your seat into space at spaceperspective.com!

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