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Oni Mansion, a Free-to-Play Metaverse Social Gaming Experience

In-game screenshot of a completed Oni mansion that can be minted as an NFT

Yomi Games, a web3 crypto gaming company, is launching its first free-to-play metaverse game, Oni Mansion, on January 17th. The game is an innovative web gaming experience that connects multiple NFT communities to socialize and collaborate together to build elaborate new digital assets.

The Oni Mansion game is playable by holders of the company’s feature NFT collection, Oni Squad, as well as externally supported collections: Curious Addys, Jungle Freaks, and Lazy Lions. 

The game features an entirely innovative bridge-less and gas-less experience, made possible with an oracle built into the game’s smart contracts. $MATIC was also airdropped to all eligible players to cover gas fees, ensuring frictionless onboarding and a truly free-to-play blockchain experience.

During the 28-day gaming event, players of Oni Mansion participate in casual social missions requiring them to visit other players’ mansions in the metaverse and leave friendly messages. Completing missions earn players tokens, which they can use to purchase upgrades to their individual mansions.

At the end of the gaming event, players will be able to mint their mansion as an NFT (sized as a Twitter banner). As players choose different upgrades, the overall mansion rarity scheme evolves live and will ultimately be finalized by the player community. It is the first interactive experience where players collaborate to create and customize their own unique NFTs.

Furthermore, players will also be able to share their mansion with their non-crypto friends, who will also be able to interact with the mansions…which may result in additional spooky surprises!

The Oni Mansion Game is the first in a series of planned games with future, multiple play-to-earn games on its 2022 roadmap.

To celebrate the launch of the Oni Mansion game, the Oni Squad collection was launched as a free mint on January 9th and minted out within 2 hours. Oni Squad quickly reached over 300 ETH in trading volume within the first 24 hours, reaching #1 on OpenSea (the leading secondary NFT marketplace) by hourly trading volume and top #20 in 24-hour volume.

The Oni Squad NFT collection lives on the Ethereum blockchain and comprises of 242 unique, hand-drawn traits inspired by a vivid retro art style intermixed with Japanese themes.

About Yomi Games
Yomi Games is building the “Zynga of crypto” by developing casual, mass-market social games for web3, emphasizing collectible digital assets, play-to-earn mechanics, and community-owned token economies. With social gameplay, ease-of-entry, and interoperability as its core focus, the company aims to be an innovator and leader in the rapidly growing blockchain games industry.

Website: https://onisquad.gg/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/onisquadgg
Discord: https://discord.gg/onisquad
Medium: https://onisquad.medium.com/
OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/onisquad

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