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NFT’s To Benefit Artists In The Music Industry Financially

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In the music industry, artists aren’t paid their fair share. Managers and other companies and platforms such as streaming take most of the money in the end. Songwriters earn 50% of radio revenues, but only 15% in streaming. This leaves even artists who make it on top hit lists having to move in with their parents because they aren’t getting their fair percentage.

This is where NFT’s can help, artists can have more confidence in their success and earn a lot more than in the traditional industry that leaves them dry.

Over 150 musicians have already joined the NFT music industry and as NFT’s become more accessible and simplified for the general public, NFT music could take over as the new way to download a

nd buy albums directly from artists, supporting them all the more.
On the other hand though, music fans such as Jamie Parmenter told the BBC the process of NFT’s currently feels “too cumbersome and time-consuming to appeal to the average music fan”.

“In today’s society of instant gratification and consumption, having to transfer monies into crypto-currency then log into different online wallets and accounts for different fees and processes is too expensive and complicated for many,” he says.

It is only a matter of time though until crypto purchasing becomes just as easy as any other purchase, for example, with NFT Art Collectibles, you can purchase NFT’s through PayPal, something very few people have done yet.

View www.nacnft.com to purchase collectible NFT’s through PayPal or Ethereum.
NFT Art Collectibles (N.A.C)

“NFT Art Collectibles is a platform to buy Official Digital Cards, featuring celebrities big and small. Collect, Trade, and Join our team of Celebrities. NFT Art Collectibles is the very first NFT gallery to partner with celebrities, influencers, musicians, and M.M.A fighters personally. Minting them their very own cards to become a part of the N.A.C collection.”

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