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NFT Company Buying a Yacht for their Community

Origin Labs Inc., today announced that their newest company OverHyped will be purchasing a yacht in Orange County, CA for use by owners of their panda NFTs. The yacht purchase follows a string of announcements bringing additional utility to the company known for it’s experience-based roadmap.

The initial OverHyped NFT series debuts a collection of 5,000 hand-drawn pandas, each displaying pop culture inspired luxury apparel and accessories including monogrammed sweaters, headwear and jewelry. Every panda NFT includes Blockchain Apparel, in this case a complimentary, one-of-one designer hoodie that displays their unique NFT. OverHyped CEO Danny Davis explains, “Your digital art no longer has to only live on a hard drive”. The tech-enabled hoodies feature NFC technology, which allows users to tap their phone to the custom artwork sewn onto the sweatshirt and obtain information such as authenticity verification or public owner profile.

Davis believes the NFT space was missing additional tangibility for digital assets, as well as experience-driven initiatives that allow minters to own more than just artwork. “We wanted to give our community something to be excited about, somewhere we can all come together like Discord but in real life – where better to do that than on a yacht?”, says Davis. He hints that their next milestone on the roadmap may include another major asset for use by the community, as well as additional merch drops and VIP access to private OverHyped events centered around festivals and conferences such as SXSW, Coachella, CES, VeeCon, and EDC.

OverHyped gamified their Panda NFT minting process by allowing buyers to choose from four (4) pricing tiers. Each tier is based on percentage chance of obtaining a rare panda, meaning a panda with traits ranging from common to ultra-rare. Minting starts at 0.25 Ethereum and can only be done directly via the OverHyped website, OverHyped.io. This comprehensive web3 platform was built from the ground up by a team of in-house developers for optimized speed and stability. OverHyped is currently working with other companies looking to leverage this web3 platform for their respective NFT and other crypto-related rollouts.

OverHyped Panda NFTs are available to mint now at OverHyped.io in a limited quantity.

About Origin Labs Inc.Origin Labs, Inc. developed its patented digital NFC technology to bring authenticity verification to industries such as retail and agriculture that lack standardization and means of traceability. Their latest project OverHyped is bringing tangibility and experience-based utility to the NFT space by leveraging their tech. The company was founded in 2019 and features a team of advisors that includes scientists, PHD’s, MD’s, Venture Capitalists and CPG experts. To learn more about OverHyped visit OverHyped.io or join Discord.gg/OverHyped and to learn more about Origin Labs, Inc. visit OriginLabsInc.com.

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