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Most Luxurious Place To Dine in Europe

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Le Louis XV, Alain Ducasse à l’Hôtel de Paris, France

Le Louis XV is a unique culinary experience inspired by the French Riviera. Set in the heart of Monte Carlo, Monaco, this 3 Michelin Star restaurant is run by Chef Alain Ducasse.

1st established in May 1987, Le Louis XV is the 1st hotel-based restaurant to win an award of this nature, beating out Prince Rainier III of Monaco and the Société des bains de mer de Monaco.

Showcasing over 400,000 bottles of fine wine and a highly contemporary menu of generous, simple and sincere Mediterranean cuisine, Le Louis XV was the starting point for several successful chefs including Alexis Gauthier, Massimo Bottura and Clare Smyth.

It is best known for the Gamberoni de San Remo, délicate gelée de poissons de roche et caviar, 1st-time guests are encouraged to try the Loup de Méditerranée aux agrumes du mentonnais and Baba au rhum de votre choix, crème mi-montée.

Reservations are required. – Masks are compulsory for customers who have not yet been seated. – Each table may seat a maximum of 10 people (except at Monte-Carlo Beach: 6 people maximum). – Bar and counter services are not permitted.

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