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More Than Metal: Suits of Armor

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“Armor was used by warriors for protection during combat”–Paul Ebeling

In the history of warfare, various types of armor have been used. Some of these, such as the lorica segmentata of the Roman legionaries and the plate armor of the medieval knight, are well-known examples of these protective suits.

Metal was the most common materials that was used for the creation of armor. The Key advantages of metal over many other materials is its hardness. This allowed the armor to better protect its wearer from enemy attacks. Whilst metal was a commonly used material for armor, there are certain metal suits of armor that are quite unique.

One of these is the Japanese Tatami Gusoku , which translates as ‘to fold armor’, and its main components were an armored jacket, a foldable cuirass, a helmet and a hood for head protection, and other parts that corresponded with those of a full suit of traditional Japanese armor. The unique feature of this armor was that it could be folded and packed into a small box, thus allowing it to be easily transported by individual soldiers.

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