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Manage All of Your Assets in 1 Place, Take Control


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Founded on blockchain the decentralized, transparent ledger system that can record and store all transactions cryptocurrency has revolutionized finance and culture. Beyond an alternative asset, crypto usage is only in its infancy, and possibilities are only beginning to be explored”— Paul Ebeling

For example, crypto has allowed for the creation, monetization and collectability of nonfungible tokens (NFTs), which are digital pieces of content connected to the blockchain. NFTs can be collected, like artwork, and creators are only beginning to explore the possibilities of NFTs within the art world, gaming and more.

Because of its use as a currency as well, not just an asset to hold crypto is reshaping the culture, and as it becomes more integral in people’s day to day financial lives, people need a platform where it is seamless to exchange, sell, buy and grow their crypto assets when needed.

Crypto assets can be volatile, so an investor needs to act quickly. Switching between platforms or changing their crypto to USD can take too much time or be too burdensome for an investor who needs to make quick decisions.

That is why it’s critical for investors to find a platform that allows them to access their crypto in 1 place and quickly make financial decisions securely and easily, without switching between apps.

That is why Knightsbridge, a crypto technology company, has created a hardware wallet for keeping crypto assets safe and offline, as well as a partner app that allows investors to buy, exchange, sell and grow their crypto assets in 1 place.

Knightsbridge is an all-in-1 solution to cryptocurrency asset management. Not only can investors buy and store their crypto, they can access the entire world of Decentralized finance (DeFi), financial solutions and other services and digital assets that are not connected to a bank, such as access to NFTs. Through providers integration into the Knightsbridge DApp investors can personalize their crypto journey as they find solutions and services that work for them.

Investing in crypto come with a learning curve, and it is important to consider how you may use crypto in the future not just today. By choosing a wallet and platform that will be “developing into eternity” thus giving you full control over your assets, you can decide where you want your investments to take you.

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Have a prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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