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Luxury: Wingshooting Worldwide


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Absolute Wingshooting offers the finest collection of Bird Shooting destinations worldwide“--Paul Ebeling

The Absolute Wingshooting team are pioneers of the finest luxury bird hunting experiences, their success is due to their excellent partnerships with some of the most exclusive bird shooting lodges across the globe.

Not only a leading sporting agency, Absolute Wingshooting also provides exceptional hospitality for the needs of their most discerning travellers. Their services include luxury transfers, access to private estates and the finest attention to detail for every single part of your adventure.

With more than 25 years in the luxury hospitality and travelling industry, as well as a lifetime involved with Hunting and Wingshooting, founder M.J. Grande has become a well respected name for providing sophisticated, personalised and enviable experiences in the exciting world of Hunting and Wingshooting. These experiences are known to take hold of you long after you have arrived home.

Your wishes are their desire and Absolute Wingshooting have the connections, expertise and passion to give their first class clients, first class experiences, time and time again. Whether you are a group of hunters or a single gun, you can entertain yourselves with more than you can imagine. Experience legendary Dove and Duck shooting in Argentina, Vintage Quail shooting in South Georgia, Traditional Driven Pheasant & Partridge shooting in France, Denmark, Hungary or England, as well as Big Bag Duck hunting in France and Sweden, Old style Red Legged Partridge shooting in Spain and Portugal, or a week of Game Bird shooting with the legendary Rovos Rail Train in South Africa.

For the smoothest facilitation, excellent connections and a personalised service you are in the safest hands with M.J and his Absolute Wingshooting team.

Have a happy, prosperous weekend, Keep the Faith!

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