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Luxury: Switzerland’s Top Resort Hotel, The Buergenstock


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Located 1800 ft high above Lake Lucerne, the integrated Buergenstock resort is a masterpiece of modern architecture on the cliff of the Buergenberg, offering 4 hotels, 8 restaurants and a serene spa, making this Super for food lovers, wellness seekers and outdoor enthusiasts too.

The best hotel in Switzerland has been a legend since Y 1873, due to its link with the rich and famous: it was here that, Audrey Hepburn was married, Charlie Chaplin regularly stayed, and Sophia Loren and Carlo Ponti made their home.

Newly built and opened in Y 2017, the ultra-luxe Buergenstock Hotel & Alpine Spa sits at the heart of the resort, offering and innovative design with floor-to-ceiling windows that reveal stunning Lake Lucerne and Alps panoramas.

Enjoy your travels this Winter, the chaos is about over, Keep the Faith!

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