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Luxury: Rolls-Royce’s Order Book is Filled

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“Rolls-Royce Wraith and Dawn order books have closed for good” –Paul Ebeling

Double R’s Boss, Torsten Muller-Otvos, confirmed that the order books have closed for the luxury 2-door coupe and drophead in all markets, having already been taken off sale in the US previously. The Wraith and Dawn will leave production for good early next yr, as dictated by the company’s orders and waiting list.

Introduced in Y 2013 as a 2-door coupe alternative to the era’s Ghost, the Wraith was followed by the Dawn 2 yrs later. Both of them share the same platform from the F01 generation of the BMW 7 Series, replaced in Y 2015 by the G11. Power comes from a twin-turbo V12, and the 2 luxury rides feature lots of comfort, tech, and safety amenities.

Direct replacements for the Wraith and Dawn are not in the pipeline yet. But, the role of a 2-door luxury model will be taken up by the Spectre in Rolls-Royce’s portfolio. The battery-electric model will be built around the same architecture as the latest Phantom, and it is expected to get some Zero-emission powertrains from the BMW i7.

Featuring a similar footprint to its fossil fuel-powered predecessors, and looking like a more modern take on the Wraith, the Spectre will have an imposing grille up front, split headlamp signature, suicide doors, familiar taillights, and swollen rear fenders. Expect the interior to be posh and modern. The official unveiling of the brand’s 1st EV is scheduled for late Y 2023, as a Y 2024 model

Rolls-Royce Motors is a unit of BMW ticker BMWYY

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