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Luxury: Dining in a Fine Parisian Neighborhood Restaurant


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The dish to order at Beau Regard, in the 6th is: Foie-gras and Fig” — Paul Ebeling

This navy-blue-fronted brasserie tucked down rue Guillaume is a desirable alternative to nearby and always tourist-filled Les Deux Magots and Café de Flore, once the watering holes for Paris’s literati.

While the scene may lack the history and kudos of its neighboring haunts its novel concept as a cinema-plus-brasserie gives it an edge. From sashimi starters to zingy lobster and fregola sarda with mussels in a lip-smacking buttery sauce, the menu leans into the European small-plate zeitgeist with a patriotic performance on the frites and wine list.

But go for the foie-gras-and-fig, an artistic riff on the French classic which pairs fiendishly well with a glass Sauterne.

In the evening, the brassy hues indoors come into their own as atmospheric background for pre-film dinners and late-night debriefs over cocktails. 

Address: Beau Regard, 2 rue Guillaume Apollinaire, 75006 Paris, France
Telephone: +33 1 40 41 20 20
Website: beau-regard.fr

Enjoy Paris this Spring, the chaos as almost over, Keep the Faith!

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