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Love is the foundation of all healing: Karen Torres


by Karen Torres

Love is the foundation of all healing. Love is a frequency. All souls began their spiritual journey with the frequency of love. They knew themselves as a creation of  Source. They realized themselves as Word, which means divinity in form. Along the way, many souls incarnated on many different planets and began experiencing themselves as separate from Source. This perceived separation from Source created fear. Fear is the antithesis of love which created more separation. Karma simply means experience. The path of spiritual evolution involves clearing karma and remembering that this journey is about returning to the frequency of love while having a physical embodiment. Love heals fear.  

Mastery of Your Information

Mastery of Your Information is the first class in the healing architecture trilogy. In this nine level online course, taught by Kat Gibson and Bonnie Sax, you learn the basics of healing alchemy. Each level explores the frequencies, numerics and geometrics that best disintegrate low frequencies such as pain, fear, atheist, unconsciousness, anger, etc. During the course of this exciting first year, you are able to create energetic constructions, heal low frequencies, protect yourself energetically, create with more power, claim your worth and learn greater mastery of the quantum field. In level nine, you explore psychic surgery key codes and frequencies and integrate them into the constructs you create. By the end of the course, you have the frequency to clear and reassign beings attached into low frequencies. Each level takes all four etheric bodies up in frequency and downloads the necessary information to your soul to advance to the next level. This course is a prerequisite for the advanced levels unless it is determined that your soul already has this level of information. As always, love for self and others is the basis for this healing energy course of study. For more information https://www.facebook.com/events/866031077142449/

Energetic Architecture 

In the second year of this architecture trilogy you learn to create more advanced constructs, duplicate ley lines, activate crystalline key codes, create energetic designs, close doors and windows that allow low frequencies into the body, create specific energetic constructions such as filtration, fractal and psychic surgery designs. Your soul is downloaded with the information as we practice designing for our bodies, for the planet and for the quantum field. Each level gives you the level of frequency to move into the next level. Learning to create healing designs for yourself and others is a very powerful way to go up in frequency, be of great service to the planet and access so much more of your soul’s powerful information via clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, and claircognizance. Those are the channels that give you access to more healing information, mastery of the quantum field and transformation on all levels.

Advanced Architecture

Advanced Architecture is the third level of the architecture trilogy. In this course, your psychic abilities have generally become more clear and activated. We spend more time with the soul downloads while healing the body in order to give it the necessary frequencies to do this advanced level of energy work. We activate ka and ba lines, activate the 321 power crystal configurations within the body, disintegrate low frequency designs and so much more! We create advanced fractal healing designs, advanced psychic surgery designs and integrate the complex symbol systems of healing alchemy into these crystalline library fractal designs. The body goes up in frequency and you become a clear conduit for the infinite supply of healing information available from Source. At this level, transformation and manifestation becomes greatly accelerated. You begin to truly feel an integration with the universal One Love. 

Karen Torres Nicole Naum Alchemy of Creativity

The Alchemy of Creativity

The Alchemy of Creativity will take place every Wednesday at noon beginning on January 13th. This class has no prerequisites so students of healing at any level are welcome to join. The class meets for 4 weeks per level. There are 3 levels to the first trinity of creativity classes. They will be recorded via Livestorm so you may attend class in person or watch the recording after class as your schedule permits.

Along with the class, there is a lab component to the course created and taught on Fridays at noon by Nicole Naum. You may sign up for the class only, the lab only or both. Nicole will be guiding her class as to how to utilize the creative information in the physical. Yes, you will be making art, singing, sewing, and so much more! The Alchemy of Creativity is a soul download class that will open and activate the creative channels that exist in the brain and all four etheric bodies. There are specific keys and crystals that activate those channels while transforming unconsciousness, fear, unworthiness and other low frequencies that clog those channels and crystals. Have you created a frame or belief system that you are just not a creative person? Are you a creative person who wants to access even more of your creative potential? In either case, there is an infinite supply of creative alchemy and information available to you! The class fee is 50.00 per class which is 200.00 per level. The lab is the same. You may take one level or the entire trinity. 

Text Kat G to register 561-628-2846 

Karen Torres Healing Alchemy Gratitude Ceremony

Gratitude Ceremony

Every Thursday at noon Kare hosts a Gratitude Ceremony which can be attended live or remotely. The live attendance at the gratitude ceremony is 100.00 at the door or 50.00 remotely. Participants will sign up in advance with Kat Gibson. She can be reached via text at 561-628-2846. These healing ceremonies will not be recorded. 

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