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Lockdowns are Deadlier than COVID-19

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“More young Canadians died from the ‘unintentional’ side effects of the VirusCasedemic, and not from COVID”-– Paul Ebeling

A new report shows that during the virus chaos, there were more deaths from unintentional side effects than COVID-19, particularly among younger Canadians.

The latest data from Statistics Canada, released early this wk is titled “Provisional death counts and excess mortality, January 2020 to April 2021,” and found there were 5,535 deaths in those younger than 65 anni.

There were 1,380 COVID-related deaths for that same age group, according to StatCan. That is more than 4X the amount of deaths.

The report from the Canadian Vital Statistics Death Database suggests that “the excess mortality is, in large part, related to other factors such as increases in the number deaths attributed to causes associated with substance use and misuse, including unintentional (accidental) poisonings and diseases and conditions related to alcohol consumption.”

The agency does not have enough data to chalk up the increased unintentional/accidental poisonings, which can be anything from accidental overdoses of narcotics, opioids and hallucinogens or even over-the-counter medications, as well as alcohol and poisonings from solvents and pesticides.

Aside from in-person support being cut or reduced to social-distancing measures, StatCan also suggests the “economic, social, and psychological impacts of the pandemic as well as the public health measures in place may have played a role in increasing alcohol use among some individuals.”

That report concludes that “mortality dynamics” will evolve as the pandemic does.

The agency will continue to monitor how other causes of death may decrease, and how routine behaviors, lifestyle changes, less road traffic travel and reduced flu activity could play a part in those potentially lesser numbers.

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