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KXCO Redefining DeFi

KXCO defi

 KXCO.io, the first Chain and DeFi protocol built to manage real-world assets (RWAs) on the blockchain, experienced substantial success and sustainable growth in 2022 year even as the wider crypto market has experienced turbulence, reinforcing the tangible value of real-world assets.

As the Crypto hype people fall by the wayside, investors took a more discerning path as the crypto industry at large undoubtedly faced an overdue reckoning in the past year. The market was all hype and pyramid schemes but the real winners will be the crypto projects that show tangible utility and real word value.

With the so-called crypto winter here, investors are looking for products that provide real value and generate sustainable yield – while in traditional asset classes.

KXCO.io and FBX were the beneficiaries of this shift, as the KXCO Armature brings traditional assets on-chain into DeFi and tradable assets, enabling businesses to access financing without unnecessary third-party intermediaries. KXCO.io is the critical infrastructure connecting real-world assets to liquidity.

With KXCO.io, businesses can tokenize their real-world assets such as equity, debt, mortgages, invoices and consumer credit, to create asset-backed pools.

Once on-chain, these assets are unlocked through securitization via KXCO.io, where investors can finance these assets, providing liquidity and generating web3 yield that is backed by assets from the real-world. Ultimately, KXCO.io aims to create a robust, financial market ecosystem.

The KXCO Armature is a proprietary blockchain that was developed to handle complex financial transactions and is using a proof-of-Authority validation concept. The KXCO Armature was built with KYC, AML, and Banking regulations in mind with a focus on the speed of transactions. KXCO offers the following features:

KXCO spans the entire blockchain ecosystem ranging from a unique sophisticated blockchain with unique features (KXCO Armature™), to a Centralised-Decentralised-Exchange (KXCO Exchange) run by expert traders, to our own wallet, Metaverse and other services.

Built by a team of experienced traders, gaming specialists and IT engineers with an entrepreneurial spirit, the KXCO™ was founded in 2017 and built with a mission to create a unique ecosystem for the financial savvy user.

KXCO operations span across the entire blockchain value chain cantered around our proprietary KXCO™ Blockchain.

KXCO operate on a continuous basis 24/7 with a presence around of the world.

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