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KXCO offering white label digital asset solutions for institutions

digital assets
digital assets

KXCO, the digital assets investment platform on a mission to make crypto a part of everyday finance, today announced a white label integrated digital asset and trading solutions are now available.

KXCO announces offering white label digital asset solutions for institutions

KXCO delivers an expansive range of services to asset managers, financial institutions, private clients and family offices with a single-source solution, establishing the broadest range of services in the industry including fund services, digital onboarding and bank accounts.

KXCO’s custom white label platform will allow KXCO’s clients to participate in, and offer KXCO’s institutional liquidity, trading and investment solutions to investors.

KXCO White Label products ranges from Exchanges to Digital Banks and Remittance Services all Chain based.

KXCO are also one of the industry’s leading experts in Digital Asset Creation.

Think of the term “digital assets” as a broad container that encompasses anything minted and exchanged on a blockchain. KXCO generally place digital assets in five categories.

Crypto assets

Any digital store of value or medium of exchange (currency) that’s stored on the blockchain.

What it can be used for



Creating a coin to fund a project


A type of cryptocurrency designed for price stability. Stablecoin prices are linked to fiat currencies, commodities or other crypto assets.

What it can be used for


Foreign exchange

Cross-border payments and transfers

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs)

A token that represents ownership of a unique digital item (think a work of art, a government ID, a specific unit of production). An NFT certifies that the holder owns the underlying digital asset and can sell, trade or redeem it.

What it can be used for

Proving your identity and granting access (to either a virtual or physical space)

Tokenizing your supply chain to track inventory movement and ownership

Ownership of virtual items (games, avatars, virtual land)

Central bank digital currencies (CBDCs)

A type of digital asset that represents a nation’s fiat currency and is backed by its central bank. Not all nations issue CBDCs.

What it can be used for


Cross-border payments and transfers

Security tokens

Digital assets that meet the definition of a security or financial investment, like stocks and bonds.

What it can be used for

Tokenized versions of stocks (equity) and bonds

Tokenized versions of real world assets (real estate, property, plant, and equipment, etc.)

Institutions can learn more about KXCO’s scalable, regulated and flexible digital asset platform at KXCO

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