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KXCO $FBX Update

It has been a busy start to the year at KXCO.io with a series of new developments as the business continues to move forward. KXCO and FBX are both renewing their websites and documents to best reflect the current business and the path we are on building out the financial infrastructure for future markets. KXCO was honored to have been a finalist to the Tech Show in Thailand and very pleased to leave the show with 2 awards, we were the only firm nominated in multiple categories, a vote of confidence in our whole market approach.

Quarterly Outlook – More products are close to coming online so we are ramping up both IT and Sales staff, we are also adding to our trading desk. Some products are now ready for market and the response has been very positive.

Technology –We continue to build, KXCO.io Coinszap.com cryptoindicator.io financeblocks.io livetradingnews.com are works in progress as we integrate Web3 protocols and create our web presence.

Growth Strategy – We are heavily involved in building strategic win-win partnerships that deliver pre-built sales channels. We are creating a new paradigm of finance so our work covers everything from Regulators to End Users.

Valuation – Various valuation methods indicate a potential intrinsic value of between $149.1 and $1000 per share, details are in the full Information Memorandum. KXCO is still building a business in the long-term through development, innovation, strategic acquisitions and the ability to integrate an overall high number of Markets in a cost-effective manner as well as the ability to expand the average customer AUM per year.

 Back Office –The Trade Desk has always been our strong point, increasing political and economic risk has created an unknown factor in terms of economic fallout, our Trade Desk is immune to those risks, it is an agile environment capable of capitalizing on markets wherever they may go, this truly sets KXCO apart from the competition.

KXCO has deep roots in traditional markets, we do not believe those markets and processes developed by
mistake. In creating the future we are incorporating regulatory frameworks and practices that can operate in
the markets of the future.

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