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KXCO™ Cryptocurrency Market Making refers to providing liquidity for certain cryptocurrencies by submitting and managing bid and ask limit orders on a cryptocurrency exchange. Proper market making ensures price stability of a cryptocurrency and making it tradeable. The amount of liquidity has a direct influence over how quickly a cryptocurrency can be traded (bought or sold) without causing significant price spikes or drops and maintaining its price stability.

The Knightsbridge DAO team offers its Market Making services to selected cryptocurrency projects through its proprietary KXCO™ Exchange and institutional grade trading programs that were built entirely in-house by our developers. Trade execution is performed by a mix of human interaction by our team of expert traders and computer programs built in-house following strict risk management principles.

Exchange Network

We trade on all major exchanges, both centralized and decentralized.

Tight Spreads

KXCO ensures your spreads are tight so that the trading costs are low for those who are interested in buying and selling your token.

Deep Markets

Market depth is an important indication of how confident people are in the price that’s portrayed. In general, the greater the market depth, the more confident people are in the price discovery. By ensuring sufficient market depth, KXCO allows other market participants to trade your token with less price impact and feel more confident in the market liquidity.

24/7 Coverage

We have traders and support staff monitoring 24/7 to provide liquidity and respond to market events, including on weekends and holidays.

No Fees

KXCO does not charge any onboarding fees, monthly retainers, trading fees, market making crosses fees, or any additional fees.

Customized Daily Reports

KXCO creates customized daily reports that give an overview of our market making operations for your token as well as the overall activity across all markets we trade in.

General Support

We want your project to succeed and will help out however we can! Whether it’s knowledge of the markets, introductions to exchanges or others in the space, or anything else, just let us know how we can help.

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