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KnightsbridgeDAO’s Women on Fintech Power List

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“The crypto universe is dominated by men and investments in female founders is still light, but growing“–Paul Ebeling

According to new data by global fintech think tank findexable, just 16 of 1,032 best-funded private fintech firms globally are founded by women, and they receive just 1% of the total fintech venture funding.

In November, NTT DATA UK, the world leader in consulting and IT services, revealed that 68% of men in technology believe women have equal opportunities within the sector.

The responses from the men and women differ on whether there are enough women in senior positions in tech; 35% for men and 12% for women. These findings, along with other reports, showed a gap in the tech world’s efforts to address gender inequality.

FinTech, and everything categorized under it, continues to be the leading sector for venture funding, with $134-B invested in the space last year. With 99% to male founders, this begs the Question of what would happen if it was spread out evenly instead.

Despite that, female-founded teams are outrunning and producing higher return rates than their male counterparts. For every USD invested in a female-founded business, the return is more than 2X that of male-founded businesses.

A research associate at the UCL Centre for Blockchain Technologies said: “As crypto becomes more mainstream, it is important to have diverse perspectives in creating and running the systems so that better decisions can be made.”

So, imagine why this systematic way and imbalance in the web3 sector is a missed opportunity for investors since women-led startups could be a better bet.

We here a KnightsbridgeDAO have inspirational female founders and influencers in the fine art world who are breaking the bias in the world of Crypto, NFTs and the Metaverse

With very fine art traditionally a pursuit of the ultra-wealthy, the ability to purchase fractions of artwork brings the market to a broader consumer base, plus there are significant benefits to those who trade fine art as an asset class, with competitive brokerage fees.

KnightsbridgeDAO’s NFT team, curated by international experts Elaine Trebek-Kares and Natalie Silva have broken into the inaccessible world of fine art, its dealers and auction houses.

This wk we launch a very unique NFT Trading Platform. Verified, Vetted and Very Collectable NFTs only. No Fakes, No Scams. Every collection will be reviewed by our A-List team and only projects with a strong chance of success will qualify. Some high profile artists and collections are all ready onboard, if you would like to be considered let us know.

Stay tuned…

Have a happy, prosperous week, Keep the Faith!

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