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Knightsbridge Crypto Exchange on June 6th


Knightsbridge, (the Exchange and Services Company of G-Bit) a developing global crypto financial service provider, today announced that the 2.0 Version of the Crypto Exchange on June 6th 2021.

The continued offers of strategic financing demonstrates that Knightsbridge is highly sought after by top global venture capital and private equity investors, as well as family offices. These institutions span across diversified backgrounds and cover capital market resources in Asia, North America, and Europe.

The completion of the updated version of the platform is a critical step for us to offer more innovative products, strengthen compliance controls, and ultimately provide a full suite of reliable services to meet the growing demand from Global investors who are keen to create and add crypto assets in their portfolio.

Knightsbridge has served institutional clients, and its crypto business has seen growing volume. Combining financial innovation with prudent risk management, the company has emerged as one of the fastest growing Crypto/Blockchain players with an ever increasing monthly volume.

Knightsbridge will become a global powerhouse at scale and bandwidth in the. Continuing the momentum, Knightsbridge’s growth will be further fueled by investments, M&As, and strategic partnerships with investors that are aligned with our vision.

Looking ahead, Knightsbridge is committed to servicing mainstream investors by offering crypto financial products under their respective compliance regimes. To better meet institutional requirements, the firm has devoted significant resources towards global compliance, including starting the process of applying for relevant licenses in North America, Europe and Asia. All this effort is to spearhead best practices that support a crypto compliant environment. Collectively with global industry leaders, Knightsbridge is proactively working on developing processes for different jurisdictions to define best compliance practices.

Knightsbridge has an ambitious goal of building a robust financial infrastructure for the crypto industry, which goes in tandem with the evolving trend towards the institutionalization of this industry. We are confident in their potential to become an international leader.

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