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 Knights Saber Champagne

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“The Champagne Saber is a ceremonial sword/saber used for Sabrage “the art of opening a champagne bottle with a sabre”. The tradition started in the late 1700’s by Napoléon and the Hussars”–Paul Ebeling

For sommeliers and bartenders, the art of sabrage — i.e using a saber, knife or, in some cases, the base of a champagne flute to forcefully open a bottle of bubbly — has become a foolproof  extravagant display to  captivate their guests with an Instagrammable moment. And while home enthusiasts who accidentally smash bottles of champagne trying to saber them with improper technique is entertaining comedy, the elegance of the traditional sabrage cannot be overstated.

Have a happy racing weekend, Keep the Faith!

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