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Knights on the Lawn at Pebble Beach for 75yrs of Ferrari

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“To explore the saga of the storied Italian automaker, we tuned in to the livestream of the Ferrari Parade Saturday, August 20. Then, on Sunday, August 21, viewed the Concorso Ferrari display on the First Fairway, open to all (LIVE FROM CASA FERRARI PEBBLE BEACH – YouTube)”–Paul Ebeling

Ferrari Parade Livestream
Saturday, August 20 at 2:30p PDT
Brought fans across the globe to Pebble Beach via livestream. This special event included exclusive access, commentary and interviews from the center of Casa Ferrari.

Concorso Ferrari
Sunday, August 21 at 8:00a PDT
We experienced a Ferrari from each distinctive yr of the marque, from Y 1948 through now, in a once-in-a-lifetime formation. In addition to showcasing the historic, Classiche-certified Ferraris, this year’s Concorso Ferrari highlighted the 30th anni of the Ferrari Challenge racing series with a display on the First Tee. The event will also highlighted the latest innovations from the Maranello outfit, including the racing-inspired V12 limited-edition Ferrari Daytona SP3 and a unique Ferrari Roma produced through the Tailor Made customization program in full realization of Ferrari’s extensive personalization capabilities, the 1st model created through the One-Off series, the SP48 Unica was presented for Ferraristi to enjoy. This was the ultimate Ferrari event of the yr.

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