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Investors Drawn to Connect, Own and Create


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We believe that investment in NFTs will be as big as the investment in cryptocurrencies“– Paul Ebeling

Since the start of Y 2021, the unique token-like assets have exploded in popularity, with buying waves driven by collectors who spotted the uncommon value behind major NFT collections.

A new ETF that we know of will capture the white-hot market for NFTs in a Key financial product. 

But the catch is that it will not actually own any NFTs, crypto assets or related derivatives.

Listed under the symbol (NYSEARCA:NFTZ) by issuer Defiance ETFs, the Defiance Digital Revolution ETF launched Thursday on the New York Stock Exchange’s Arca platform.

The fund owns shares in publicly traded blockchain-related companies like Coinbase (COIN), in addition to those making a commitment to NFTs, like Funko (FNKO), PlayBoy (PLBY) and DraftKings (DKNG).

NFTZ may not directly offer investors a ride on the next wave of NFT frenzy, but it does give indexed exposure to that segment of the booming blockchain/crypto sector.

The next generation of traders are not like traditional asset allocators. These people are interested in things that allow them to connect and create and be a part of something,” the CIO and co-founder of Defiance ETFs, told us.

The NFT world has created this sense of representing ownership for digital assets that has fundamentally changed culture and the market for things other than stocks and currencies,” the CIO added.

Unlike traditional cryptocurrencies which are minted as interchangeable units, NFTs are digitally unique tokens stored on a blockchain. They range from digital collectibles, art and music to concert tickets, video game assets, among a growing list of other areas. 

For those who are not collectors but are Bullish on NFTs in general, NFTZ may provide another way to get investment exposure.

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