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Interview: R. Charles Murray, Chairman of Penta 5 USA, On Mosquitoes

by Paul Ebeling

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“Mosquitoes are public health hazard because they transmit disease-causing pathogens to humans as well as wild and domesticated animals”— Paul Ebeling

Mosquitoes are nuisance because their bites interfere with human activities. Most mosquitoes are active at twilight and at night.

But mosquito species that are common around the home, those that breed in ephemeral pools of water are active during the day.

It is important to note that toxic pesticides are only a short-term solution to a mosquito issue at best.

Long-term, effective population control requires integrated pest management. Integrated pest management is a strategic, science-based approach that combines multiple control strategies in a way that will minimize economic, health, and environmental risks while effectively managing target pests.

Here I interview R. Charles Murray. Chairman of Penta 5 USA about mosquito biology, behavior, and how to utilize integrated pest management strategies to manage backyard populations of mosquitoes. as follows:

1. Why after 70 years has no manufacturer solved or eliminated biting mosquitoes?

Just as Roundup did it never killed the weeds outright forcing you to buy again each month. The products with DEET do the same it keeps the mosquitoes away so they do not bite but at what risk to the body and environment? For us to criticize DEET would not be correct except we point out to users what DEET warnings on their label address:
Do not apply near wounds or cuts
Do not apply to hands or near mouth and eyes
Do not use on young children
Do not use under clothing
Minimize application on exposed skin
Do not over apply
Wash product from skin with soap and water
Wash clothes that are in contact with DEET
Our approach is to prevent the bites using safe natural long lasting formula products.

2.  Knowing that DEET has a health warning attached to its use why has no alternative product been developed with better results than DEET?

When we started on finding a range of products to protect both people, animals, and the environment we decided to investigate malaria first. As it happens our R&D Director, Dr. John Harlin knew full well what malaria can do to the human body, so his experience was vital to the success of the project and his formulations. Stage one was to find a lotion that could guarantee no-bite for a long period of at least 5 hours and indeed our product passed three independent laboratory tests with 6 hours plus protection. A family product! We looked how could we make it available as you need it and when you need it and developed the VialPaQ(tm) that protects two people once opened and applied. The VialPaQ is easy to carry with you in your bag or briefcase for instant use. Ringling School of Design recognized it as a versatile efficient package. In the military they can carry one a day for away from base operations. A secondary benefit if somehow you are bitten, the lotion softens the sting. Developments have been to make a no-bite/NO SCENT version for using at outdoor events without the normal repellant smells.

3. People are up early for outdoor work or play. Mosquitoes are active at that time as the sun rises what new products are available to protect the skin from bites.

In this area we saw an opportunity to find a solution as Florida is busy early morning with boating and sporting events. The mosquito is up and waiting for a blood meal as soon as temperatures near 70 F. So, taking the no-bite formula as the base we engineered a sunscreen lotion with SPF 30 rating to protect your skin from bites and sunburn. It has become a very popular lotion in a tube at golf and tennis outlets. A competitor has entered the market with a copy using DEET, but the opening warning on the front label says “hazardous to humans’ and it has a third page full of skin and contact warnings.

4. The system of spraying garden areas and suburbs kills other insects what is the alternative in urban areas?

Spraying outdoor area with harsh chemicals is risky as it kills all insects and lets cats and dogs walk or roll on the sprayed areas. Also, after a rainfall the area is now saturated with the poison. We looked at an idea for catering for the weekend and then the week and finally a two-week solution so the 2day, 7day and 15day spatial system was developed for your outdoor zone. The outdoor zone pouches have two compartments one for dry recipe and the other a liquid oil formula. The pouch requires breaking the frangible seal between the compartments. Shaking the liquid and dry components and then hanging low in a shady area. The aroma is activated from the mix and attracts the female mosquito who arrives and is immediately confounded and forgets about a blood meal necessary for her eggs and feeds them her normal sucrose meal. No blood means no need for a blood meal and no-bite. This zone outdoor pouch has been awarded a Gold from the DuPont packaging organization. In our suburb we have not had municipal spraying for the past 4 years. We have small river running through the property.

5. Animals with hooves from horses, goats, pigs, camels and cows are constantly under attack from mosquitoes and fleas what safe no harsh chemical protection is available and why?

This part of the mosquito and tick world has been the most difficult to find a solution. Testing has taken three years. For horses we have a no-bite product that can be sprayed on the horse and onto a cloth to wipe their face. Horses using our products are often commented on with their Still Tails no flicking away insects. Our theme is ‘kill the insects and not the horse’. The mist for barn animals has followed to replace the harsh chemicals in use daily. Our barn mist  product is safe and used every second day with the same mosquito and insect control rather than once or twice a day. Moving to dairy cows they are really affected from a mosquito bite and milk production often drops by 15% after a bite. Other hooved animals kept in barns are protected with the barn mist or with the 15-day zone pouches. All the time no harsh chemicals are used. A recent development is our Dog and Cat spray for ticks and other insects. Usually these sprays are not the same and we have introduced the first common use product.

In conclusion, we have developed and with outside laboratory results confirmed our range of products protects human, animals, and the environment.

Thank you Charles.

About Penta5USA

Penta5USA (a private company) is about to commercialize a wide range of innovative products it has developed. These products promise to have a profound effect on human heath and well-being. Concern for the environment, in general, and humankind, in particular, is part of our DNA. We are committed to harnessing science to produce products that make a difference in the quality of life.

Products include:

  1. Hydrogen infused water that boosts metabolism and improves stamina
  2. Inexpensive, self heating pouches that allow food to be heated on-the-go
  3. Medicinal oils that are safe for people of all ages
  4. A range of non-toxic, wide spectrum mosquito control products that extinguish a mosquito’s desire for blood and promise to put an end to a variety of dread diseases including: Malaria, Yellow Fever, Dengue Fever, Zika, and more.
  5. All natural organic fruit juices packed in proprietary flexible pouches by its state-of-the-art packaging facility

All of the products and services shown above are fully supported by the firms knowledgeable and dedicated men and women who are its strong backbone.

Have a happy, healthy Summer, Keep the Faith!

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