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Institutional Investors Actively Recommend Digital Assets to Clients


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“Our firm actively recommends crypto to clients and retail investors are beginning to use crypto beyond a simple trade. This is a Key area to watch in new waves to gauge how the current financial climate drives adoption of crypto outside the original ecosystem.”–Paul Ebeling

A recent study by crypto exchange platform Bitstamp finds that institutional investors are actively recommending digital assets to their clients.

The Bitstamp Crypto Pulse report, which surveyed over 5,500 professional investors and 23,000 retail investors from 23 countries across the globe, reveals that the majority of institutional investment decision-makers are endorsing crypto assets as investments to their clientele.

According to the research, 68% of institutional investors surveyed say they are actively recommending crypto while 15.2% say that are doing so with caution. Just 6.4% say they are not recommending virtual assets to their clients.

The Bitstamp study also finds that nearly 40% of both retail and institutional investors began trading digital assets only 2 yrs ago.

When asked if they were looking to increase their digital asset holdings in the next 5 yrs, 72% of institutional investors say they have plans to do so while 73.1% of retail market participants offer the same reply.

In addition to increasing their allocation to crypto assets, the study also reveals that 33.8% of institutional investors have plans to learn more about the nascent industry, 33.4% look to expand their knowledge base for their company and clients and nearly 30% aim to invest in increasing their digital asset offerings.

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