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HeffX-LTN Founders Very Critical of Mr. Biden’s Regime


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The Biden regime’s self-made crisis at the border and their attempts to unwind of America’s energy independence is destroying our country and enriching our Crude Oil producing rivals” — Paul Ebeling

They’re destroying our country, and we just can’t let these things to continue to happen – whether it’s the border or energy independence,” President Trump said in a TV interview Monday

Look at what’s happening with energy. Gasoline prices are going up like nobody thought would be possible,” he added.

This carnage is happening within 7 wks of Mr. Biden’s inauguration and in the immediate wake pf President Trump’s work to create energy independence and bring gas prices “down to a level they have never seen before.”

Adding, “Now they’re going up, We’re making Russia and Saudi Arabia and all these other Middle East countries, and others richer.”

President Trump pointed to the Ukraine energy company Burisma, which had ties to Mr. Biden’s son Hunter, who was paid handsomely to sit on its board.

If Mr. Biden has his way within 3 or 4 months the US will not be energy independent, Mr. Biden is not America’s president, he is The People’s enemy.

Then there is the border crisis, which the Biden admin has tried to blame President Trump for. That is a disaster in Biden’s making.

It is hard to watch“, said Shayne Heffernan, PhD, HeffX’s founding economist. Adding that the Biden Gang is grossly incompetent at all levels, they are making enemies at home and around the world.

Working to make America Great Again!

Have a healthy day, Keep the Faith!

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