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Have You Read Necessary Evil


Looking for something new to read, Necessary Evil should be on the list.

INF The Author
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From the Author

Necessary Evil is a tale based on the social ecology of New York City’s drug trade during the early 90s.

I felt that it was a story that was needed as a young black man who has experienced many perils growing up on the streets of New York. We often reflect back on the infamous black drug lords of our past like ” Bumpy Johnson ”  ,”Pappy Mason ” etc. romanticizing with the fast money and risky life style that came with the early 70’s “heroin” and the 80’s “crack “.

The old wino that reminisces of the good old days, how there was honor amongst thieves and how New York was never a place for Bloods and Crips. But what about the lost generation what of the children from the 70’s baby boom what of generation -X Children who grew up under the phrase ” Crack is Whack “.

What about hip-hop’s second coming the golden age after the Sugar hill gang but way before Dip-Set and G-Unit. What of the children who romanticized Alpo but were violently stricken by Giuliani and the emerging Rico laws that implement strict sentencing on poor inner city lower level drug dealers while allowing upper level white collar criminals to go free with a slap on the wrist.

In this book we will explore the story of a lost generation, emerging from dysfunctional parents who were plague by the “crack era ” and menaced by the ever growing epidemic of HIV in our ghetto communities. In a day and age when Hip-Hop as art imitates life or is it vice versa ? This story is a story of the trials and tribulations of ” the 80’s babies “

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