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GBITS Now on Dex Guru


GBITS is now trading on Dex.guru as it continues to expand and deliver on their Roadmap.

This is early days for GBITS but the limited edition coin that started at a humble 11c today traded briefly over $5 but their plan is to be trading in the $100,000 plus range over time.

There are only 5m GBITS more then half of which are locked up but the Dev Team is continuing to impress with Exchange and Crypto developments that add value to the coin.

Dexguru is a trading platform for traders of the DeFi era where on-chain analytics combined with execution capabilities. DexGuru brings together permissionless, real-time data on every on-chain market, powerful analytics and research tools, and trade execution capabilities — in one fully integrated UI.

GBITS Governance tokens confer holders the power to influence decisions concerning the core protocol, Tokens with governance rights confer holders some degree of influence over operational and policy issues, typically through a voting process, though this influence can vary remarkably based on percentage owned.

‘Blockchain governance’ typically refers to decisions about the codebase itself, for example, whether Bitcoin would accept larger blocks or implement Segregated Witness, but it has also expanded to include Influence over how the host platform is managed and marketed.

With Bitcoin and Ethereum, the entities performing such functions (Bitcoin Foundation and Ethereum Foundation) have no formal relationship to BTC or ETH holders. Recent governance mechanisms, such as with QTUM, have sought to formalize such entities and the relationship between them and token holders.

GBITS Owns 16 Cryptos, an NFT Gallery (JUNE 2021) an Exchange, a Brokerage, a Blockchain Coding Centre. And various IT development programs.

Revenue is sent back to GBITSS Holders after funding of development items.

GBITS is a governance Token, holders get a vote 1 Token 1 Vote

Limited Supply 5m only, the concept is to trade like Berkshire Hathaway or 42Coin over time


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