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Frutti Dino Stories – Google Play Number 1 Game

Google Play in Australia has shown the potential of Frutti Dino

Frutti Dino took a limited path to their roll out but they have already made the Number 1 spot in Google Play Australia casual game.

In Frutti Dino Stories, you will meet adorable and enlivening baby dinosaur characters. You can explore the island with the baby Dinos and discover secret treasures on maps with unique themes. After you meet the baby Dino, you can name it and you can raise the baby dino to a fully-grown Dino.

You have to take care of your Dino by feeding, washing, and playing with them. The development of their body parts will be different depending on which fruit you feed them and how much you take care of them.

Minting After Play (MAP)

When your Dino reaches level 30, you can mint them to NFT on Frutti Dino website and acquire ownership of your own Dinos. You can refer to the guidelines:
👉 #1 User Account Linking
👉 #2 Minting

The NFT-based Dinos can be used in multiple blockchain games such as our main game Frutti Dino, which will be announced on our social media channels later. 🙌


1. Rookie Dino NFT

You can evolve the dino of your choice into two rarities.
Depending on the mint rarity you pick, the in-game stats and the value of the NFT will change.

1️⃣ Normal Dino NFT (Season 1 Minting Fee: 0.85 BNB*)
→ Your Dino’s appearance will evolve and will have increased stats
2️⃣ Rookie Dino NFT (Season 1 Minting Fee: 0.08 BNB*)
→ Your Dino’s appearance and stats will remain the same

*Minting fee is subject to change every season.

2. Stories Tag📝

Dinos with the Stories Tag will have increased stats and other benefits.
– Low Mint Number guaranteed (starting from 4000)
– Limited Stories Tag (chances depend on the mint rarity)
– Exclusive game content and rewards
– Priority access to major Frutti Dino events
– Chance to win exclusive merchandise
– Private Discord community

Stories Tag is applied to NFTs with the following chances:
– Normal Dino Mint: 100% Chance
– Rookie Dino Mint: 20% Chance

3. Limited body parts

Your Dino can develop rare and limited body parts which can only be obtained in Frutti Dino Stories through evolution. Special evolution odds increase with the special materials you collected on the island.

After minting, the NFT-based Dino with limited body parts can be used in other Web3 games such as Frutti Dino.

🔈Stay Tuned! More updates are coming soon…

  • Game tutorials will be continuously improved to help players to start playing faster.
    *Social elements will be added so that you can connect with other Dino players in Atusia.
    *Dinos that have reached their final evolutionary form can be fused to get a new Dino. / Fusion — Dinos can be fused once they have reached their final evolution.
    *Cutscenes will be added to different situations, such as a unique cutscene for each Dino.
    *More in-game functions will be introduced such as shops, and messaging functions.

🦖For more updates, join Frutti Dino communities:

Website | Discord | Twitter | LinkTree

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