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Frosties NFT Scam and How To Get Listed Without Rugpulls


Recently in the United States, two 20 year old scammers were arrested on conspiracy to commit wire fraud and money laundering. The news came out after a million dollars and counting in ETH and NFTs disguised as “Frosties” were rugpulled right under investors.

The scammers, Ethan Nguyen and Andre Llacuna, were found after investigators linked permanant transaction IDs on the ethereum blockchain to accounts on coinbase through trasnfers made.

The NFT Frosties scam sold over 8,000 Frosties NFTs in only 48 minutes. 3 hours later, all the ETH collected from sales was then traffered right out of the NFTs wallet into a fraud wallet. All investments were made and wiped clean in under 4 hours.

None of the promises made by the founders of the Frosties NFT were brought to life either. Nguyen and Llacuna had another scamm ready to launch on March 26 as well. Called “Embers”, the targeted profit value of this NFT launch was estimated to reach in excess of $1.5 million.

The arrest and charge for these two scammers indicates the need for KYC laws and shows that the US will not be tolerating any scams conducted regardless of the crypto industries reputation. Thomas Fattorusso said in a statement, “You can’t solicit funds for a business opportunity, abandon that business and abscond with money investors provided you. Our team here at IRS-CI and our partners at HSI closely track cryptocurrency transactions in an effort to uncover alleged schemes like this one.” Nguyen and Llacuna face up to 20 years in prison according to the DOJ.


Avoiding Rugpulls and getting your coin listed without the suspicion of rugpulls occuring.

The mechanics are simple
The issuer creates an account and deposits the digital asset. The Issuer sets the rules, and 20% – 30% is retained for buy backs and the balance of the sales are used for

Monthly report on what has been sold and Crypto/NFTs progress is given to holders. Knights grade the progress month to month on an A+++ to an F. This is a clear and transparent process that removes a lot of the FUD, accusations of Rugpulls, questions
about marketing wallet sales or insider sales are all removed. There are no magic slippage costs, no excessive fees, this is a straightforward easy to understand process that gives issuers and investors the best chance of being successful.

Knights aims to provide more access to crypto/NFTs and make the best efforts to list ALL digital assets, but we prioritize high-quality digital assets, we also divide the listings in to Categories, Knights Compliant and Non-Reporting. Therefore, token listing on Knights goes through rigorous due diligence to classify it properly.

To get your digital assets listed on Knights, here are some tips from the Knights.
You can fill in the online application form for direct listing on Knights, Launchpad/Launchpool is by invitation after the listing information is reviewed. You will notice on the form it is not a tick this box approach, real people will look at it and if need be help you formulate an acceptable plan, this is not a machine, this is a group of dedicated digital asset specialists.

What do you need to do to get your project listed?
Update your project progress to the community and knightsbridge regularly (i.e., weekly or monthly). This is required even after listing on Knights.

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