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Elon Musk Technoking

DogeLand is a Scam

The Dogecoin mining indexed cryptocurrency investment game that started in 2021. With DogeLand, you can have a simple & fun gaming experience while earning real Dogecoin. The DogeLand developer center is in Bremen, Germany and is fake.

All users who sign up for DogeLand get a free investment package of 500 DOGE worth $30! Thanks to this package, 0.39% withdrawable balances are defined for each day they log in but now they have runaway.

Here is the story they were telling

Users who invest in various characters and equipment in the game continue to earn daily earnings during the working period.

You can make a withdrawal request once a day. All withdrawal requests are paid within 24 hours.

When purchasing a DogeLand character, you can invest in Bitcoin, Litecoin and Ethereum in addition to Dogecoin. However, withdrawals will only be made with Dogecoin.

When you sign up for DogeLand, we allocate a area from our universal servers to you. Every day you log in, you earn your share of earnings.

If you invest in DogeLand and upgrade your characters; we acquire physical equipment and mine real Dogecoin on the amount you invested. When you play, you actually become a Dogecoin miner in the background. Your daily earnings are recalculated after deducting electricity and maintenance costs. After receiving our profit as DogeLand, your net earnings are paid to your account.

DogeLand is a legal. All your investments in DogeLand are invoiced by Sapphire Digitale Gaming GmbH at the end of each following month and the invoice is sent to your registered email address. All your investments in DogeLand are under risk protection and DogeLand applies cancellation-refund procedures throughout the contract period.

When you register, you will receive a “Baby Doge” package worth $30. By logging into your DogeLand account every day, you can earn your daily earnings and define it as “Withdrawable Balance”. You do not have to invest. If you reach the minimum withdrawable balance limit with the gift, you can withdraw your earnings unconditionally without any problems.

You can contact the Support center by clicking the Setting () icon at the bottom left of the game screen. You can also send an Email to this support team from the email address you have registered [email protected]

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