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Florida (Freedom) Vs California (Socialism)

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“Welcome to our oasis of freedom,” — Governor Ron DeSantis

Let’s put the “Make America Great Again” platform back into the spotlights.

The US will either accept and embrace the leftist policies promoted by California Governor Gavin Newsom, or the message of individual freedom championed by Florida’s Governor Ron DeSantis.

California has embraced government control in every aspect of its citizens lives, while Florida has ensured that its residents remain free and prosperous.

And with all the MSM talk about the Delta variant and the CDC’s recent guidance that recommends a wave of new mask mandates, it is important to take another look at the Key VirusCasedemic statistics of California and Florida.

The data suggests that both states have relatively similar rates of the virus infections relative to their populations. And the same for mortality rates, with California’s being a bit higher. Contrary to what the MSM is telling The People, Florida is not a hotbed of COVID-19 compared to California.

Florida fully reopened in September of last yr. It did not happen in California until June of this yr, when restrictions on businesses were lifted and the state began to reopen.

However, saying that California is open is a misleading stretch. New restrictions are taking effect in cities Los Angeles, which recently mandated masks indoors for every resident regardless of vaccination status.

This despite the fact that such policies are proven to be ineffective, authoritarian Democrats in the state are 2Xing down and reinstating them anyway.

The consequences are disastrous.

As of February, more than 40,000 of California’s small businesses had closed permanently due to lockdowns, and at least 50% of these were in Los Angeles County.

That plus almost all of California’s students remained in remote learning all yr. Rather than try to get children back into the classroom, California’s school boards debated which public schools to rename in order to appease out of step leftists.

Hang on! While California forced businesses to shutter, businesses in Florida were allowed to decide for themselves whether they would remain open. Less than 50%of businesses in the state closed at any point during the VirusCasedemic.

And unlike California, Florida kept its schools open for in-person instruction. Rather than ignoring the science, Florida followed it.

California is the poster boy for 1-party rule, has adopted a European approach to government that emphasizes security at the expense of liberty.

In California, taxes and regulations have hammered the middle class. Bureaucrats have power over people’s lives, and freedoms have been relinquished in the name of safety. Thus begging the Question, safety from what?

Compare this with Florida’s approach.

Whereas, California has 1 of the highest personal income tax rates in the nation at just over 13%, Florida has no state income tax. This is a Key reason why people are leaving California for Florida.

Businesses are also ankling California for Florida because California has a Top marginal corporate tax rate of 8.84%, 1 of the highest in America. Florida’s stands at just 4.46%.

It is not surprising that Governor Gavin Newsom is facing a recall election in September. His time in office has made California an example of what Democrats can do to a state if given total authority.

People vote with their feet, and is becoming increasingly difficult to pursue the American dream in dark Blue California.

This tale of these 2 states tells us that our nation can either choose the failed socialist progressive, policies of California, or the freedom and limited government living in Florida.

So, the sake of our country, The People must make sure it is Florida

Working to Make and Keep America Great Again!

Have a prosperous day, Keep the Faith!

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