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Flash Labs and Barrel Riot Wines Opened Their NFT Loyalty Program

Barrel Riot and Black Buffalo (PRNewsfoto/Flash Labs Corporation)

Flash Labs and winemaker Barrel Riot Wines teamed up to utilize the NFT Minting and Marketplace to enroll an exclusive wine club for Barrel Riot NFT holders exclusive tastings, parties, and their benefits access to new variety and other great deals. 

“The trend of NFTs being used solely for bragging rights has been dwindling,” states Patrick Deegan, CTO of Flash Labs. “Our team sought out a means of injecting value into a non-fungible item, while bringing benefits to NFT holders and business owners. This is the first of many clients we will announce that can leverage this new approach to creating NFT offerings.” 

Barrel Riot is known for its Barrel Riot is well-known for its talented winemaking process. Carefully chooses different varietals and ages them in bourbon, tequila, cognac, or rum barrels with a flavor profile that stands out from traditional wines. The process naturally infuses the complexity and received a cult-like following.

“Our customers are always asking about ways they can invest in helping grow the business and often suggest different combinations of wines and barrels they should be aged in,” remarked Dan Lipsky, Founder of Barrel Riot. “The Flash Labs NFT marketplace provides a means to invest and influence our production while offering several exclusive benefits.” 

The winery has opened the NFT Loyalty program with a degree of membership level. Start with Standard Membership NFTs allow customers to purchase exclusive signature bottles and get access to tastings, parties, and more.

Founder NFTs have a significant benefit by becoming part of the customer advisory team, such as joining barrel tasting events, selecting varietals, and participating in barrel selection for future wines—alongside all the benefits of having a Membership NFT. 

Offer blockchain-based solutions that give value to its clients. NFT minting platform allows businesses to mint NFTs. It explores Web 3.0, The recent release of wineries, breweries, and distilleries to step up their loyalty programs and offer discounts, perks, and digital assets representing physical goods to their customers and investors.

“The idea had been fermenting for several months, and as utilization of NFTs has become more accessible, we want to bring this technology to the forefront of the wine industry and share this journey into Web 3.0 with our community,” adds Lipsky.

For more info, Check at Flash Labs Corporation Website (http://www.flashlabs.io/) or Barrel Riot Wines (https://barrelriot.com)

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