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Fine Dining: Singapore’s Zen gets 3-Stars

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“The Michelin Guide Singapore 2021 has been revealed with a brand new 3-star restaurant and a long list of restaurants that managed to retain their accolades after a difficult year”–Paul Ebeling

Scottish chef Tristin Farmer, who helms the Singaporean outpost of Stockholm restaurant Frantzén – Zén, accepted the coveted 3-star award at a streamed ceremony. Chef Farmer was inspired to take up the chef’s apron by his uncle, and trained under British chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jason Atherton. Travelling to Hong Kong and Dubai in pursuit of his culinary dream, he eventually came to Singapore to open Zén in Y 2018, winning his 1st star in Y 2019.

Singapore has been upheld as an exemplar for the way it dealt with the VirusCasedemin, resulting in a very low number of deaths. The restaurant industry on the island endured the brunt of a period of severe lockdown, but it also benefited from the government’s crisis management upon reopening.

It has allowed the city state’s thriving restaurant scene to bounce back and continue to strive for excellence, something reflected in the 29 restaurants that retained their Michelin stars, plus restaurants that received a Michelin stars for the 1st time. Singapore fine dining institutions Les Amis and Odette also retained their 3 Michelin stars.

The Michelin Guide also marked its 5th edition in Singapore by launching its 1st Michelin Guide Young Chef Award, which was awarded to Mark Tai of Cloudstreet,

The Zen website

Enjoy your fine dining the chaos is over, Keep the Faith!

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